Protect Your Home from Criminals



The truth is, criminals are lazy and they pick targets based on the ease of committing and successfully getting away with their burglary crime.  There are things you can do to make your home less attractive to criminals.  Here are a few DIY things to do with items from your local Ace Hardware Store to help prevent you from being a victim:

    • Your schedule and patternMost criminals will look at the neighborhood and your home before choosing you as a target.  If you have a consistent schedule, or point of entry to get to your home, they know when and where to be to successfully pull off their crime.  Changing your schedule occasionally, and being aware of your neighborhood surroundings (i.e. noticing cars parked on your street) can go a long way to preventing crime.
      If you’re not home in the evening, have a light that comes on at a preset timer, like the Woods In-Wall 7 Day Timer.  This allows you to change the schedule depending on the day, throwing criminals off due to its irregular nature.


    • Hidden windows and other entriesMany crimes take place at night because nighttime provides a natural cover for criminals to get into your home.  But daytime has its disadvantages too.  Homes are unoccupied and criminals will look for homes that have bushes near windows and doors so they will go unnoticed while they work.
      Cut down bushes with hedge shears so criminals don’t have somewhere to hide.  You might also consider placing some security lights around your home in the darker locations.


    • Newspapers and left out trash bins  If you go on vacation and let your newspapers accumulate on your lawn, that’s a telltale sign to anyone that you’re not home (and haven’t been for however many days of newspaper you have on your lawn).  The same can be said if you leave your trash bins out beyond trash pickup day.
      Keep your home tidy and criminals will think you’re there daily and you are aware of the home’s details.


  • Unlocked doors and windowsYou might be surprised how many people don’t consistently lock their doors and windows.  Criminals want the easiest route, and anything to deter them might help them move on to the next home.
    TipsKeep your windows and doors locked.  Your back yard gate should have a lock from the inside, preventing access from an outside intruder.  A simple combination lock will be sufficient, since criminals can’t cut it from the outside.  It might be inconvenient when you’re doing yard work, but will be worth it in the end.

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